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sparkling_evening_shawl.jpgSome gowns come with a shawl when you purchase them. They are usually made of the same fabric, and are pretty I’m sure, but if you don’t want that “matchy-matchy” look consider creating a shawl yourself. It could be another creative expression on your glittering night. Photo, Sewing.org
Dream a little dream of shawls..

Speaking of glitter, you may not want to wear a gown or party dress in a glittery fabric but imagine the piece draped delicately around your shoulders is glittery and its not such an overwhelming look but a pretty accent. A big bold print or woven pattern may not be to your taste for dancing in but a shawl could make a playful or dramatic statement. Browse fabric stores for gauzy, silky or sparkling textiles and buy a piece to highlight your look. Here are some tutorials for creating a shawl you may love so much you’ll use it even when your gown is packed away in the back of your closet. Click the pictures below for some online textile sources (just suggestions by no means all available):

Sometimes shawls are so gorgeous they can be intimidating to imagine making yourself but just take a calm look. Their beauty is in the fabric and in the most simple way all you need to do is add some fringe to the edges. Read these how-to’s below to get even more ideas and learn more advanced techniques to create a finished piece. Who knows, you may become a famous shawl designer one day!

  • eZine Article’s “Sew An Easy Shawl For An Elegant Gift In Less Than 30 Minutes!”
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  • HGTV’s Silk and Satin shawl how-to.
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  • Sewing.org’s tutorial for their lovely Sparkling Evening Shawl.
  • Fashion Icon’s how-to on creating a new shawl from old cotton or wool ones you may have.
  • Sew New’s instructions on how to sew a hand-rolled hem on a scarf.
  • HGTV’s Felted Silk Chiffon Scarf A very beautiful and advanced project, but just in case you learn quickly you may want to try this project.I know you know what the triangle of floral gauze or chiffon looks like from seeing shawl fashions everyday on the streets so I thought I’d collect some inspiring photos from the world of high fashion. In these pictures you can see how much further the art of the shawl can go. For something so simple to make compared to other pieces, its potential is so creative! Photos, Style.com00010f.jpg00420f.jpg00020m-1.jpg00230m.jpg00520m.jpg