Being a Homeschooler

As a home school family, you are often looked at with a mysterious eye from those who participate in the public education system. Mistaken notions that home schooled children have less opportunities available to them or are more socially awkward than public school children abound. Yet each year, parents who engage in home school with their children report better results and see their kids go off to enjoy more well rounded and successful lives. The key to most parents’ success with home schooling is in the ability to provide their children with all the same opportunities in a better environment. One of the biggest opportunities of any child’s life is the ability to go out, dress up, and for one night only each year, enjoy their prom. Home schooled children are no different.

In order to make sure that your child is ready for his or her big night, it is important that you first connect with people of like interests. Through the CSRA Home Education Association, it is possible to connect with a variety of other home school families in your area to sponsor activities that guarantee your child has all the same opportunities as other children. The only difference is those opportunities will come in a safer and more sanitary environment to the educational and personal well being of your youth.

Organizing a Homeschooled Prom

It is important that you connect with others in the region, or perhaps consider going out of network so that your child will have more opportunity to interact with others in the same situation. Setting the ground rules for the celebration gives you control as a parent to keep your children in their element while also allowing them to have the night of their lives.

Professional networks of homeschool parents also give you the ability to learn from those who have done it in the past so you can guarantee your child a night that is in keeping with the best traditions of prom without placing them in difficult situations. Once you have connected, decide on a theme as a group. Use social media outlets for communication throughout the entire process and perhaps even consider organizing prom dress shopping dates between your child and others that will be in attendance. By building that sense of community, the prom function that you plan as a representative of home schoolers will be a cut above what is available in public schools.

Educating your child is a lot of work, and if you cannot provide them with the same opportunities inside and outside the classroom, then you could be handicapping their education. The good news is you don’t have to. With the right resources, your child’s prom and school life will be better than ever.


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