By the way, my dress is ADORABLE and everyone loved it (especially me)! I didn’t get a good photo of me in it but when I get one, I’ll send it along.  I feel like I should have someone blowing bubbles over my head whenever I wear it.  It’s a “feel great” outfit! The only suggestion I would have is that you tack the lining to the bodice, because the satin shifts over itself and then the lining shows at the bust.  I put a few stitches in the seams and it fixed that right up.  (Of course that kind of work might drive up the price, and I sure wouldn’t want to affect that — the price was the major factor in my decision to buy a dress from your company.) Anyway it came on time, is of fine quality, love the design, and it fits perfectly.  I’d be happy to recommend your company to anyone.

Peigi — Oakland, CA